Data Integration Design: Go2silence Log 5

Data Integration Design: Go2silence Log 5

Data Integration Design: Go2silence Log 5

Hi everyone! How did you sleep last night? In the past ten days, we were trying to solve another main problem——how to incorporate data of this new SLEEPON product into the sleep report? 

Our current sleep report shows detailed stats collected by the Go2sleep ring. As shown in the pictures below, there are different sleep labels in the app categorizing various sleep information. 

But for our users who only buy the anti-snoring device, what kind of report will they get? Only see whether they snored or not? Definitely no. We want our users to learn more about their sleep condition even though they have not purchased the Go2sleep ring.

Our solution is to first establish another data source and then rank data accordingly.

For example, the health function of the iPhone and Android systems can also collect data about sleep duration and sleep cycle. It is not as accurate as the ones detected by Go2sleep rings but can provide users some reference. The SLEEPON app will thus import and add the data into the sleep report. If users use both the anti-snoring device and Go2sleep, the system will prioritize and only show data from Go2sleep in the report.    

Our engineers are working on the new app version which will be available soon!
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