Hardware Design: Go2silence Log 6

Hardware Design: Go2silence Log 6

Hardware Design: Go2silence Log 6

Hi everyone, how did you sleep last night?

Our R&D process of the anti-snoring product is well on track and we have made some significant progress.

As shown in the design manuscripts below, the hardware is composed of two parts. One is a soft sphere made of polyurethane foam aims to prevent supine positions. The other part is made of the battery and a circuit board wrapped by aluminum to monitor sleep positions and vibrate when the user is on supine position. The sphere will be placed outside of the clothes and the electronic part placed inside when used. The two components will be attached through magnets.

The current sample is the 7th generation after adjusting the look, hardness, weight, surface, magnetic force, and many other factors.

We picked 6 testers who are healthy and have no snoring symptoms to let them test the sample at night:

1. Detachment test

Five out of the six testers reported that the sample did not detach from the t-shirt and one tester tried to move vigorously just to see under what cases will it fall. Based on this result, the sample would not detach from the clothes easily and we will further verify that in the future.

2. Comfortability test

Three testers said that the weight of the ball created an uncomfortable feeling. Two reported that if feels cold when the body touches the aluminum surface. And one said that since he normally lies flat, he feels uncomfortable if forced to use lateral position. Our engineers have started to make some adjustments based on the above feedback.

We also found that as most of the testers sleep on a soft mattress, when lying flat, the feeling of having a ball underneath would not be that uncomfortable, but it would be different if the bed is harder. We also detected some issues regarding details such as the gap was a little large or the logo effect was not perfect. We will tackle these later and the current sample has given us much confidence for future improvements.

Next, we will focus on all the details of the hardware, firmware, software, and app animation to create an optimal user experience.Thank you for following us and more development stories on the way!

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