Sleep Position Data: Go2silence Log 4

Sleep Position Data: Go2silence Log 4

Sleep Position Data: Go2silence Log 4

An Exciting Feature.

Hi everyone! If you read our last post, did you use a lateral sleeping position? We hope so!

Our development of the anti-snoring device has achieved quite solid progress. But in the beginning, we had two different opinions about the development direction. The first idea is to create a digital device with the ability to present sleep position data but also high costs. The second view is to produce a low-cost non-digital product purely based on Positional Therapy. We finally chose the first plan as we believe sleep position data can help users better understand their sleep conditions.

Just the next day, our product engineer had a stunning idea! He planned to use 3D animation to create sleep position simulation. Users can watch their position changes in the app the next day after wake up. The whole team thought the idea was brilliant and if realized, this device will probably be the only product (except using cameras) with the function of sleep position playback.

We have three product teams.

Team 1 takes charge of industrial design, CMF (color, material & finish), and mechanical design.

Team 2 is responsible for the development of PCBA (Printed Circuit Board Assembly) and embedded software & algorithm.

Team 3 works on the app page and backend.

Thus, the task of building sleep position playback function was given to team 2 and 3. Team 2’s goal is to accurately collect every position data using gyroscope sensors. We welded a three-axis gyroscope to the PCBA and input battery to make it a simple motion tracker.

Placing the simple device on the tester’s back, our engineers then read collected data the next day and examined ways to improve. After weeks of testing, we were able to separate sleep position data accurately.

Team 3 works on animation modeling and this position simulation is quite challenging for our front-end engineers. Issues include how to create the animation and how to match animation with sensor data of every minute. Thanks to their learning abilities, they finally found solutions and kept refining the animation as shown in the graph.

There is still a long way to go for the final version of this anti-snoring device with the function of sleep position simulation. Follow us for future news and development stories!


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