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Collapsible Foot Soak Bucket

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Portable Foot Relaxation 🌿

👣 Collapsible Design: Easily fold and unfold our foot soak bucket, saving space when not in use. Convenient storage in any small space is now hassle-free.

🌊 Relaxing Foot Soak: Treat your feet to a soothing soak after a day of activities. The collapsible bucket provides a comfortable and rejuvenating foot care experience.

🌟 Durable and Easy to Clean: Crafted from high-quality materials, our bucket ensures long-lasting use for your foot care routine. Easy cleaning adds convenience to your relaxation.

📏 Adjustable Height: Customize the water level by adjusting the height of the bucket. Enjoy a personalized and comfortable foot soaking experience tailored to your liking.

🌈 Multipurpose Use: Ideal for foot care, pedicures, and relaxation. Elevate your experience by using your favorite salts, oils, or herbs for a spa-like sensation in the comfort of your home.

🤲 Convenient Handles: Built-in handles make it easy to carry and move the bucket. Enjoy a foot soak wherever you desire, whether at home or on your travels.

🌿 Health and Wellness: Promote foot health and overall wellness with regular foot soaks. Take a step towards relaxation and self-care with our collapsible foot soak bucket.

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Foldable Foot Soaking Bucket

Upgrade for leak prevention,

Heat-resistant, and odor-free.

Five-layer thickened insulation layer.

Upgraded thickness for enhanced insulation.

Integrated design with seamless construction.

Insulation layers tightly connected for easy portability.

Can withstand high-temperature ironing and remains leakproof

Safe and non-toxic with 212°F hot water, sturdy and reliable, making pouring more convenient.

Anti-tilt design

Sturdy anti-tilt design, not easily overturned, providing additional peace of mind.

Height of 37 centimeters, covering the lower legs

Easily soak up to the calves, immerse and massage.

Product Information

Product Name: Foldable Foot Soaking Bucket

Material: Twill Fabric + PVC + Aluminum Foil

Dimensions: 31.5×31.5×36cm

Packaging: OPP Bag

Weight: 265g

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