Blue Light Blocking Glasses

✔️ Block 99.79% blue light.
✔️ Lenses without coatings.
✔️ Deep sunset color.
✔️ Wear 2 hours before bed.

SLEEPON Blue Light Blocking Glasses blocks 99.79% blue light with a deep sunset color to increase melatonin secretion and improve your sleep quality.

What's inside the box?

Glasses × 1
Glasses case × 1
User guide × 1
Glasses cloth × 1

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Blue light blocking glasses

Blue light blocking glasses help you to sleep better and regulate circadian rhythm

Block blue light

SLEEPON blue light blocking glasses block 99.79% blue light from 380nm to 500nm.

Lenses without coatings

The sunset color lenses can block blue light without any coatings.

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