Start From A Paper: Go2silence Log 1

Start From A Paper: Go2silence Log 1

Start From A Paper: Go2silence Log 1

Hi everyone,

I am Ken, the product manager. My team and I have been involved in the R&D process of SLEEPON products, such as Go2Sleep intelligent ring and SLEEPON App.

It has been 2 years since Go2Sleep entered the market. Based on a 2020 SLEEPON user survey, 76.7% of our users surveyed have snoring concerns, among which 31.4% of them use CPAP (continuous positive airway pressure) machines. We find that there is an urgent need for an anti-snoring product or method.

Starting from 2017,  we began to research on potential anti-snoring products such as pillows, mouthpieces, nasal dilators, etc. From a 2008 paper Effect of Body Posture on Pharyngeal Shape and Size in Adults With and Without Obstructive Sleep Apnea by Professor Jen Walsh, we learned about Positional Therapy that improves snoring by changing sleeping positions. Professor Walsh tested the effectiveness of this therapy through clinical trials and this method was also backed by many other research papers. That’s why some people DIY a pajama with a tennis ball on the back to manage their sleeping positions.


But only one tennis ball cannot meet our pursuit of creating intelligent SLEEPON products. We hope to create an anti-snoring tool with the ability to record sleeping positions and analyze sleep quality based on Positional Therapy. Everyone can use it at home daily, track sleep quality in the long run, and view treatment results through data. It will be a unique digital anti-snoring product with the function to track, analyze, and provide feedback regarding our users’ sleep quality.

The product development process will be filled with surprise and disappointment. We are not afraid of failure and would like to share our design journey with every one of you. 

Throughout the anti-snoring device campaign/project, we will post our R&D findings on social media which allows you to learn more about us. Follow us for more information and also provide us any suggestions at!
All we hope is to bring a better dream for you tonight.

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